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Job: Digital Marketing Intern

Part-time or Full-time Internships
The Mindful Entrepreneur

The Mindful Entrepreneur Events (TME), has just released its 2019 Internship Opportunities!

The program was designed with the budding professionals in mind. As an immersion program, students will attend a variety of networking events to mingle with entrepreneurs.  During the events, students will create educational opportunities to share various Digital Marketing Strategies. Student’s follow up will include phone calls, emails and presentations online and in person.

Interns report directly to the Manager and are responsible for attending networking events, learning our cutting edge digital marketing processes and supporting the overall function of the company.

About Us!

 The Mindful Entrepreneur

TME is a full service Digital Marketing Agency.  We support business owners all over the world. We have a team from multiple countries and enjoy the freedom of working from where we are.  We use a variety of tools to support each businesses branding, reputation, and sales. We use SEO, websites that convert, Social Media Management, Video Marketing, marketing automation, and so much more.

Team member works from home.  Attendance is mandatory at the daily team meetings online. It is through Team TME that the magic happens through a diverse group of people working together to provide top level back-office and front line support. We like to giggle and joke around while bringing joy to our work.

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We would like to add you to our amazing team. Sound good to you? Keep reading!

In this Role

·     Support the overall function of TME and the Marketing

Your Role

·      Interact with business owners, understand business goals and formulate functional specifications for the marketing development team

·      Participate in business and technical analysis sessions to support the development efforts of TME’s marketing applications to meet current and projected business needs

·     Support the decision making process of the marketing development team

·     Collaborate in the planning, design and deployment of new applications and enhancements

·     Assist in the development and delivery of training/or technical documentation

·     Represent TME at Networking events around your area


·     Willingness to learn new systems

·     Marketing, Web-design, Sociology, Information System, or related major

·     Marketing experience is a plus, but not required

The Mindful Entrepreneur is an equal opportunity employer.

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