Paid traffic is any customer that visits your website after you have paid for advertising promotions. Many platforms offer paid traffic services including search engines, social media platforms, and media networks. One of the most common forms of paid traffic is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising which utilizes Google Ad Words. Other types include Pay Per Acquisition (PPA) advertising, Cost per Thousand (CPM) impressions and banner advertisements.

You may know if as PPC (pay per click) or CPM (pay per thousand impressions, the “M” in CPM represents the Roman numeral for 1,000). Google AdWords and Facebook are two of the most popular platforms used to generate paid traffic to websites, but there are also many other paid traffic sources.


Paid Traffic can have an extremely positive impact on your website if carefully planned and executed. One of the benefits is choosing exactly how much you want to spend in order to best direct paid traffic to your website. Furthermore, you can set a daily maximum amount you wish to spend on certain types of advertising (Pay Per Click). You can also use keyword optimization to more carefully lead targeted traffic to your website.

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